Monday, December 3, 2012


Last year I lost two of my grandparent which proved to be a trying experience for me.  I had never dealt with the loss of a close family member before.  I have always been close with my grandparents, since I was 5 and lived in Laramie my family and I have always traveled to Idaho at least a few time a year and spent time at my grandparents house sometimes for weeks on end.  I loved visiting them and was the highlight of my years while growing up.  I always had and still do feel endless love and support from my grandparents.
Grandpa Hurst
My Grandpa Hurst died from a 16 year battle of cancer in summer of 2011.  I will always remember my grandfathers contagious smile and laugh.  He was always interested in others especially family and rarely talked about himself.  He loved his family and always wanted the "party" to be around him.  I remember he would always find someone to talk to even if he didn't know them.  He was truly an example to me and hope I will always show love in such a fun loving way.