Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Bye Jo Jo

(not Joe, apparently I am a bad horse owner and have no digital pictures of my horse)

So tomorrow we are going to take my horse to my friend who is going to buy him. I am really excited about the home that he is going to I know that they will take very good care of him but this now signifies the close of a pretty significant long chapter in my life.

For those of you that don't know I have loved horsed since third grade. I remember begging my parents for a horse and finally getting one in 10th grade. My grandparents gave him to my family (me) to ride because they knew that I desperately wanted one. He was a really good horse but got old so I went for a few years with out a horse, until I moved back to Laramie and my dear friend (who is taking my horse) let me ride one of her horses in The Gem City Jewels, a precision riding team that does a drill type show for rodeo's and other horsey events. It was a blast and so good for me. The next year I decided that it was time for me to purchase a horse. I found Jo Jo and loved him. He was five then and a good horse for me. Well after my purchase my life evolved and I got engaged shortly after, then comes marriage, school, child, and moving around like crazy, and another child, and now no time for my poor Joe. Well he probably loves not seeing me and having the good life.

I so feel that this is the right answer and much to my husband's joy (now we don't have a money pit as he says) I am ending a chapter. My husband assures me that we will open this book again probably because Mason love horses so much we will probably get some horses when my children get older and can ride by themselves. But until them I will get my "Horse Fix" from my good friend Lora and John who are horse trainers and already have said that they will let my ride their horses.

So to my dream, farewell for now...........